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At last : "Colloquium Fulcanelli" the 30 april 2011, in south France, in Pradet. The true identity of Fulcanelli will be revealed by Walter Fulgrosse and Filostene, the first one by his own research, the other by proofs given to him by his alchemical master.


Three books about Fulcanelli

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Assan Dina's tarots in the Avenieres's castle One photo to see all the desk. Details of the Strenght, God-House, Pope...

Viollet-le-Duc, architect, restore the cathedral Notre-Dame in Paris and construct the high spire in 1859. Original painting of the "Virgen with the seven planetary metals" of Julien Champagne. Julien Champagne's laboratory, dedicated to Pierre Dujols.  My video channel on YouTube : 18 videos, 75' all together, on alchemy and its figures : Dedicace of Fulcanelli to "his friend and disciple" Schwaller de Lubicz, the alchemical castle of Dampierre sur Boutonne, the Black Virgin in Marseille at Candelmas ...

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Cybèle or Philosophia, or Alchemy

Philosophia, Fulcanelli and Alchemy welcome you in the center of the Notre-Dame western gate.


These pages illustrate Fulcanelli's work troughout many photos. They are the framework of its work. Many readers won't have the chance to see the relevant monuments. The pictures are then help and complement to Fulcanelli's text.



The seven eyes lamb of the Apocalypse, fresco from a roman church of Catalonia.

The seven eyes of the apocalypse lamb

Fulcanelli and the 13 citations of Apocalypse made in his books


Frontpage of Julien Champagne illustrating the Fulcanelli's Mystery of the cathedrals.

Fulcanelli, frontispiece Mystery of the cathedrals

Julien Champagne, the Frontispice


The Strength of Michel Colombe, comment by Fulcanelli in the Dwellings of the Philosophers.

Fulcanelli, the strenght

Fulcanelli, the Strength


These pages offer photos or other documents related to alchemy. They illustrate the two works of Fulcanelli, the mythical Parisian follower of the 1920's. His works are the Mystery of the cathedrals (see the photography of the original edition) and the Dwellings of the philosophers, published between the years 1926-30 and after published again regularly by Jean-Jacques Pauvert.

Fulcanelli shows that alchemy, before printed on paper, was engraved on the stone books that are the walls of certain cathedrals or castles. We go today discovering these paper and stone books.

By the way we will also follow Fulcanelli himself. Indeed, thanks to his works, we will also try to get a better knowledge about the man, hidden under Fulcanelli pseudonym.


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I wish that the beautiful symbols gathered here surprise you, upset you and attract you. Through these places of pilgrimage, revealed by Fulcanelli, I invite you to discover our historical and symbolic heritage roots. Sensiblity and intuition can be there a better guide than reason and intellect.

This site "the street of alchemy" - that I often update - is a little a hold-all, a jumble, where the things are in bulk. Dear reader, good exploration of this labyrinth which wants to be an images conversion of the Fulcanelli's books.

Some documents are copyrighted and can be reproduced only with the agreement of their owners or their have-rights. So their copy is prohibited. A hyperlink sends towards these people. My own fotos can be used freely, I only ask you to mention their origin and to insert a link towards my home page of "alchemy street", homage to the Fulcanelli's work.

The "street of alchemy" really exists, located in a beautiful french town (which ? ). You won't find in this street any doorways of building nor villa. Nobody can thus have addresses "the street of alchemy"... even Fulcanelli. Is that a sign ?

photo, the street of alchemy

Fulcanelli, The street of alchemy

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Site Fulcanelli, the street of alchemy, or the illustration of his books, begun on April 21, 2001. Frequently updated.

Lasts updates :

- Palate Jacques Coeur, in Bourges, with the stranges symbols at the bottom of the doors, in the yard.

- News videos of Schwaller de Lubicz, Aor and Isha : their tomb, their bibliary, their laboratory equipment, the special furniture of Suhalia, colored crucibles ... Follow here my YouTube video channel related to these pages

- Video : Dampierre/Boutonne's castle 14 years before the big fire which completely ruined the inside of the castle. It only remains the high gallery with the "caissons alchimiques".

- New video : a self portrait of Julien Champagne drawing in the Mas de Cocagnou's house, a portrait of Fulcanelli mad by René Schwaller de Lubicz, his "friend and disciple", the announcement of the Julien Champagne's death sent by his sister to rené Schwaller, the Julien Champagne'sister letter explaining the lasts will of her brother.

- Video : second dedicace of the "Mystery of the cathedrals", made by Fulcanelli and unknow until now.



- "Cathedral gothic, from the dark to the light" or haw the stained-glass windows of the XIIe century teach the adventure of the Spirit in the Matter. The cathedral Notre-Dame and the Holy Chapel in Paris, the cathedral Saint-Etienne of Bourges and the cathedral of Lyon, contain treasurs of light. Site in developement. Last written pages : "the crafts of the builder", as they drawn herself at th bottom of the stained-glass windows.  "The strange trip of the souls of Lazare and the rich"

- Edition of "Mercure dauphinois" for the publication of alchemist Henri Coton-Alvart, disciple of the alchemist-bookseller Pierre Dujols and Henri La-Croix-Haute, disciple of Coton-Alvart.


Force_dragon.jpg (8086 octets)


Contains more than 500 photos distributed in more than 600 pages and accommodate on this site and 15 Go of videos accommodated on my YouTube video channel.

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