Fulcanelli, Nicolas Flamel



The alchemists seek the Philosopher's stone.

This panacea would allow the metal transmutation. The followers are those who get success in this secret way, and test it with succes.

Some names of Followers crossed the ages. In France one of oldest and more popular is the Parisian alchemist Nicolas Flamel.

One of most recent would be the mysterious Parisian follower Fulcanelli, whose pseudonym hides the real identity. Today a great number of passioneted still seek indices to solve this enigma.

Adeptat of these two people raises more legend than established truth in an irrefutable way. Of these two people there remain to us mainly only writings, will spiritual and operative of the development of the Philosopher's stone, process bringing to the Philosopher's stone.



Nicolas Flamel (1330  - 1418 Paris)

His gravestone stonein museum of Cluny, Paris


Fulcanelli (1839? - 1924? Paris?)

In the absence of his face which is unknown, here is a self-portrait of the illustrator of his works, Julien Champagne


Nicolas Flamel gravestone



Julien Champagne, self portrait



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