The Avenieres's castle










and the symbolism

of the mosaic in its chapel.


Did produce the XXème century a philosopher dwelling here?







The Avenieres's castle









Mary Shillito the american

Assan Dina the Mauritian indo-english

or richness of destinies which cross


























For the ones this residence would convey in its symbols Crowned Science, alchemy. It would teach the Philosopher's stone.

For others this residence would be the seat of a knowledge rather divinatoire, astrological.

For others finally this residence does'nt contain a message with key. The Avenieres are then fully but simply a vacation resort, rest, not to say contemplation of the remarkable natural site where this residence is enchased.


I hope that the pages which follow will make it possible to make you your own idea, to weave your own links.

These pages could'nt born without the contributions of several people. First I thank Mr Odin and his family. They make live this residence and maintain it by their activity. Their Web site will be indicated at the end. They facilitated largely my research and authorized the publication of these pages. No reproduction or photographic loan is allowed without the written agreement of Mr Odin, because you are there in a private property. Internet links are authorized.

Then Mrs Dubois, and its remarkable book "Fulcanelli dévoilé", published in 1992, raises part of the veil on this castle and its history. I dedicate to her this pages.

I remember the work of conservation, restoration of the buildings and historical research carried out by Mr Pascal Hausermann, architect Swiss, who was owner of this castle during the 1984's. He published in Switzerland in 1994 the only one book about this castle; "Assan F. Dina and the le sphinx des Avenières".

He profited from the work of a historian amateur, Mr R.R., who carried out an enormous work in documents checking. This work mainly allows me to write the historical pages.

I must mention the existence of several well documented articles published in erudite reviews of Savoy and some articles in the regional or national press.

I thank also my friends JR L. and B D. who met this residence in 1985 by largest of the chances. They were my first contact with the Avenieres'castle.

Two people will be also thanked in the following pages within sight of their major contribution brought to rediscover the literary work of Assan Dina.


Lastly, the writing of these pages is not completed. Additions are made periodically.


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